PEF College
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The College provides students an environment of high creativity and versatility by motivating them to give an objective account of happenings around them. Along with a sound educational experience in a congenial learning environment,we strive to inculcate strong cultural,moral and social values in students.THE ENTIRE PEF CCOLLEGE CAMPUS IS A NO-SMOKING ZONE.


Character building is an integral part of PEF College culture. We aim at developing the ‘wholeperson’-an upright and contributing citizen and not just a successful professional. Special emphasis is laid on in culcatingdiligence, integrity, courtesy, credibility, confidence, honesty and discipline, providing students opportunities for a successful academic experience.


In an environment where closure of institutions or breakdown of academic sessions is an unfortunate reality, PEF College maintains an uninterrupted academic session. A detailed yearly calendar of academic, co/extra-curricular activities and events is given to students at the commencement of the session. Activities are held in accordance with the calendar. PEF College has arrangements for alternate power generation


PTMs are conducted after every internal examination, to inform parents about the student’s academic progress, examination result, class participation, discipline, attendance and co-curricular activities. Parents are advised to attend these meetings in order to develop a rapport with the institution for the student’s overall development as an individual and a responsible citizen of the country.


PEF College Management takes measures for maintaining quality education. The process starts with class observations, monitoring examinations, assessment strategies and question answer skills. Teachers prepare portfolios containing lesson plans with short and long term planning, record of question papers, assessments, remedial measures, support material, personal evaluation and academic achievementsto identify strengths and weaknesses ofstudents. The purpose of this exercise is to bring qual

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