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Career counseling is a salient feature of PEF College culture. Corporate sector experts are invited to give directions and guide lines for future academic and professional pursuit.Experienced and competent PEF College faculty members communicate with students and provide them valuable advice and guidance.

Face to Face Counseling

Face to Face Counseling is beneficial if you want to talk through your issues in person, at a pre-scheduled appointment time, for some minutes. Student facing issues will be given face to face counseling to resolve their issues.

Specific Issue Workshops

Specific issue workshops are suitable if you want to learn about specific issues in a supportive learning environment with a small group of others who are interested in developing strategies to help manage similar concerns.PEFC organizes these workshops so that student can learn about specific issues.

Decleramation Contests

Ambitious students will find an intimate academic community, specially tailored to their goals and aspirations.

Group Counseling

Group counseling can offer a unique environment in which to learn about and experience both self and others. We all live in groups for much of our lives and working together with others in a group can provide valuable insights into characteristic patterns of thinking and relating in a group setting. The group experience gives individuals an opportunity to explore their issues in more depth, in a setting which more closely resembles work, study, social and family groupings.

Email Counseling

The fundamental principles of email counselling are the same as face to face counselling – but utilize a different medium. Email counselling is available to all students. It has the same overall aim as face-to-face counselling – ie to help ‘develop and fulfill personal and academic potential’. The email counselors work to the same Code of Ethics, the same confidentiality guidelines (as far as can be expected with a computer-based system of communication) and deal with similar issues.

Counseling Benfits

Counseling benefits can have major effects in someone's life.

Handling Emotion or Stress

can help you handle emotions from problems or stressors, even if they aren’t dramatically life-altering or traumatic.

Program Concerns

Exploring the motivation behind your degree choice.Examining potential options for the future.

Annual Programs

Federal programs designed to help students enter college and succeed

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